How does buying from Earth Coffins work?

Rather than buying from your funeral director, you buy a casket directly from us. You choose the product type, size and shipping address and we then send it to you. Note that you can have it delivered to a residential address such as your home, or you can request to have it shipped to the funeral director and we will arrange delivery with them.


Why buy from Earth Coffins instead of a funeral director?

The most obvious reason is the cost; our selection typically offers a significant cost saving over buying from a funeral director.

We also offer a larger range of caskets than a funeral director typically does, and eco-friendly options are rarely available through them. 


Do funeral homes allow me to supply my own casket?

The Funeral Rule as enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ensures that consumers have the right to provide a casket by their own means, without penalty. This means that funeral directors must legally allow you to provide a casket yourself and you will not receive any cost penalty for doing so.


Are different size caskets available?

Yes, our caskets are available with internal lengths of 5'9" or 6'5". If you require a size that isn't on the site, please contact us as we may be able to source additional sizes.


Will my casket arrive in time?

We understand this is a typical concern for our customers, and we prefer to deliver the order as soon as possible. Orders placed before midday Monday to Friday can be dispatched the same day and will arrive according to our Shipping & Returns schedule.


How much do you charge for shipping?

All of our products are delivered free of charge.

The price you see is inclusive of delivery and is the final price you pay; no unexpected fees are added before purchase.


As it is cheaper, will the casket be inferior quality?

Absolutely not. We take great pride in all of the products we sell and you can be sure our caskets are the highest quality.

If a casket does not meet our exacting criteria, we will not send it.


Why do Earth Coffins only sell eco-friendly, green caskets?

We believe that green caskets are the best option for our customers and the planet. Our Bamboo caskets, Seagrass caskets and Willow caskets are sustainable, bio-degradable, eco-friendly, and suitable for green burials or cremations.

They are strong, attractive, and serene. If a material isn't completely suitable, we simply won't use it.


Are Earth Coffins' caskets suitable for burial and cremation?

All of our caskets are suitable for both burial, cremation and green burials. 


Who chooses an eco-casket?

Everyone and anyone, it isn't simply eco-warriors and 'tree-huggers'! Typically, people who opt for a green casket for its eco-properties are those who enjoy nature, outdoor life, and the environment. Often these are people who enjoy gardening, walking, and wildlife. We speak to many customers who weave plants and flowers through the casket, to create a link to nature.

Of course, it is also people seeking a funeral that has less of an environmental impact, as well as those who do not want to pay inflated amounts of money for a funeral.


What is Earth Coffins' returns policy?

We aim to provide the very best service to you and appreciate that situations change. However, unfortunately we are unable to accept returns due to the nature of the products and industry.


What are Earth Coffins' values?

We try our utmost to provide the very best service to our customers and the funeral directors we work with. We do not believe in over-charging people at such a sensitive time, and so our aim is offer the cheapest eco-caskets in the US. We work to ensure as many of our products are Fair Trade certified as possible.


Is Earth Coffins secure for payments?

Our site is protected by a SSL certificate on the payment pages, to ensure all card details are secure. Any page that requires a password or payment details are HTTPS, and have the secure green padlock in the address bar.

Our servers are PCI DSS 3.0 certified at Level 1 for your security. We also accept PayPal if you do not want to enter credit card details.


What is the best way to contact Earth Coffins?

If you have any queries, please call us toll-free on 888-444-9012 or send us a message through the form on the contact us page.